Shoes and fruit - Len's Story


In 1938 I worked at a furniture factory in Roseneath St, Clifton Hill. Fellows by the name of Patterson and Didier. There was a shoe factory nearby and, on 2 September 1938, pay day, there was a hold up and the owner got shot. Some of the bullets landed in the embankment on Roseneath St.

Albert Moody had a fruit shop in Hoddle St. I used to supply him with fruit and veggies, and cart stuff out to his little market for him. He was a cripple, he was on crutches, he was a lovely man to deal with.

Hoddle St was widened in 1971. Around that time I bought the top floor of the Julius Marlow shoe factory, opposite the Collingwood Town Hall. It was 60-foot one way and just on 50-foot the other. I was doing wholesale fruit and veggie and eggs and flour at the Vic Market and the Footscray Market.

Curb Market - Priscilla's Story

I was born in Highett St, which runs into Hoddle, back in the ’30s. There used to be a market in Highett St called Curb Market. It was right beside the reserve there. In later years, they shifted it around the corner into Gleadall St. I was born in Highett St and, in those days, some of the houses up towards the station were absolutely beautiful. We rented a two-storey house. They’ve now demolished that and that’s where the flats are, but it grieves my heart when I go past there. We spent so many happy years there.