Busting - Lachie's Story


I love Punt Road. I can't even begin to count how many times I've been stuck on it... 

I do remember one time though. I was stuck in footy traffic and running REALLY late for a date. I was on my way home from breakfast in St Kilda, heading to Northcote, driving my brand new car. I'd been on Punt Road for no less than 30 mins and I wasn't even half way along. AND... I was busting for a pee. I was in the middle lane – I had no choice. I pulled out an empty Coke bottle and peed in it. It wasn't a great outcome because I had more to give than the 600ml bottle could handle.

My new car was christened and I clumsily did a bottle and a half. Use your imagination as to how the rest of the trip panned out!