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I live just off Hoddle Street in Collingwood. I get the bus to work every morning, just near the Johnston/Hoddle intersection. 

One morning, in peak hour, a man maybe a minute ahead of me had gone to cross the road – but an articulated truck had misjudged the gap and had come to a stop with a significant part of its body sitting in the intersection. The man, presumably feeling secure because he had the pedestrian light in his favour, chose to step over the vehicle's pivoting joint instead of going around the truck and into oncoming traffic. But the truck driver, unable to see the man, had stepped on the gas as soon as there was space for him to do so. The man, caught between carriages, died instantly. 

I didn't see this occur – I read about it later in the incident report – but when I arrived at the intersection, Emergency Services hadn't yet had time to clear the scene or even cover the body. So I, along with other people at the bus stop, had to wait next a dead body.