Sally-Ann's Story

We have some mad neighbours, a couple who have lived in a decrepit house for the last 35 years and they regularly walk naked down the street pushing a trolley full of bears. They have also befriended me since I gave them a Xmas gift when we first moved in. 

Recently they were given a pug dog named Poppy from some people in Bendigo because the dog was a bit crazy and was being attacked by their other pets. After owning the dog for only one month they asked us to take care of it for a week while they went away and fortunately we said no. The neighbours who took it had a few scenes of chasing this mad dog all around Richmond after it escaped a number of times. Once while being walked it escaped out of its harness because a big dog tried to eat it. A big group of neighbours chased it across Swan Street and into the park and down Swan Street until it got dark and they couldn’t find it anymore.  

Poppy was hit and killed on Punt Road near Swan Street.  

The couple were not in Melbourne for all this chasing of their dog around Richmond and returned early from their holiday to receive a call from the dog crematorium to say that the person who hit their dog had brought it in feeling very shaken. The couple found the details of this person and said they wanted to find out where Poppy was killed on Punt Road. 

On the weekend I saw the couple walking down Swan to Punt Road with some flowers and photo of Poppy to take to her death site.  Even though they are disabled and have no money they bought a gift for the people who hit their dog and the neighbours who cared for her while they were away.  

The couple knocked at our door the day after it happened mumbling over and over that they had some terrible news.  Oh the poor things and poor Poppy!