Jane's Story

Back in the early 2000s, when my mate Cara finished uni, she hadn't slept for three days due to some pharmaceuticals a friend had supplied to get her and her friends through their final folio works. 

After submitting the final folio, they all went to Revolver to celebrate but Cara suddenly felt really ill (understandably) and decided to get a cab home. 

On the way home she was so nauseous she had to ask the cab driver to pull over. She got out on Punt Rd and spewed on a small patch of grass at the edge of the road. The cab driver promptly drove off with her handbag still in the cab, leaving her alone on Punt Rd with no wallet (and no phone cos they didn't exist yet).

The remarkable part of the story is that the cabbie then returned on foot, having parked the car around the corner, bringing Cara her handbag and asking if she was ok. He stayed with her on the edge of Punt Rd for about 20 minutes until she felt well enough to get back in the car. Then he drove her home.