Potential disaster - Ruth's Story


I recall with horror my first attempt to drive a mini bus up Punt Road Hill toward St Kilda when the power brakes refused to engage. I had no idea how to prevent the bus from gradually retreating backwards. My cargo, a group of newly arrived Cambodian refugees relaxed after a picnic in the Botanical Gardens. My head filled with graphic images of the horrific circumstances these young parents and their preschool children had fled only to drown in Melbourne's Yarra River. 

Thankfully, after what seemed like an eternity, the traffic slowly began to move and my vehicle moved forward. Whoops, a potential disaster diverted!

Steering into the gutter - Glenn's Story

Back in the 70s my father was driving down Punt Rd Hill in his old Holden ute when the brakes failed. To try to stop the ute, he kept ramming the wheels against the gutter and ended up doing it well enough to slow it down, miraculously not colliding with anybody. Eventually he was able to steer it into one of the streets close to the Yarra.