My lifeline - Anna's Story

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Punt Road is not just a major arterial. For a time, it was a lifeline to my mind, an artery to my heart. It got my blood pumping, my mind whirring, my heart singing.

I lived a decade in the north, but each month crossed town for a southside bookclub, born of bayside friends. I had one baby, and then another, and Punt Road was my escape route from the intimate, beautiful yet terrifying world of full time parenting.

Words swam as I shifted gears down the multi-lane, glistening dark road. Across town, across grid. The rhythm of road and drums, bass beat, music loud, my hands drumming on the steering wheel, I swept across a world to read between the lines.

That highway was a bridge, a way out, a conduit to reconnect with the world of words, the spaces of the mind, the things beyond reality. That arterial road gave me a blood transfusion, with its pumping streams, and even with its blockages. It promised me more. Punt Road, you saved my sanity!