Kate's Story

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Approximately 18 years ago, pre-mobile phone days, I got trapped in a borrowed car in a torrential downpour. The rain was so intense, that the little Mazda conked out, right atop the Punt Road bridge crossing the Yarra. Visibility was zero due to the rain and the waves of water caused by passing traffic. And, of course, I could not find the hazard lights. I was terrified that the other cars and trucks whizzing past would not see me and that this is where I would end my days on earth.

But then, my Punt Road Miracle occurred – the driver's side door opened, and a young man told me to jump out and come with him. He put a blanket over my shoulders and covered me with an umbrella and took me up to his flat on the hill, where I could use his phone. I was stunned by his kindness. And even more so when another lady in his lounge room told me that she too had broken down; he had spotted her distress from his flat on the hill, and rescued her also. 

I don't know this man's name, but I think of his generosity of spirit every time I pass that bridge on Punt Road. Thank you!