Traffic strategies - Kaukau's Story


Hoddle St is a very, very busy street. I accept that fact that it is a very busy street, and you’ve got a lot of people plowing into it. I noticed this morning when I drove here, 'Whoa! This place is absolutely packed.' So I actually got off it. I ended up on Smith St.

You’ve got three or four lanes at any one given time. Peak hour traffic is just hectic. So I must admit I try to avoid this road during peak hour traffic. I will leave at the latest by quarter to five, because that way you get a perfect run along Hoddle St. And I tend to avoid Punt Rd, full stop. Unless I absolutely must travel down there. It’s a busy road, it’s Melbourne, it’s a city. I accept that fact.

It’s also the gateway from the Eastern Freeway, so you have so much traffic plowing in from the eastern suburbs. This place just gets hectic. But I have learnt to navigate: which lanes to jump into, at what part. At certain sections you know to jump into certain lanes, because some will slow down, some will speed up. At certain times it changes. 

Even if you’re getting onto the Eastern, you avoid like hell the two lefthand lanes until the last minute. People just accept the fact that somebody’s going to cut across, they do. There’s that road rage sort of thing but, for the most part, people are quite accepting to allow traffic to cut in.

I had a massive accident a year ago. But I’ve never broken down along Hoddle St or Punt Rd. I would hate to be that person. Once there’s an accident, it throws everything out. All your natural cues, everything is thrown. It’s like when you allow an emergency vehicle through. I’ve noticed that people just won’t move sometimes – peak hour traffic, but there’s nowhere to move anyway. But, even if there is, they’re more inclined to hold their little space.

I have a tendency to feel that, in a car, you’re quite isolated. And it’s quite different to cycling. In fact I try to stay off the road if I’m on a bicycle. Because drivers aren’t so friendly to the cyclists. So I get on the footpaths. 

Crossing Hoddle St, I don’t like to do it. It’s really busy, so I try to avoid crossing. Johnston St, in Abbotsford, I really don’t know what’s down there. I’ve got a vague idea, but I avoid going over there. Purely because it’s so busy and I’ll know I have to wait.

I haven’t used the footbridge in a long time. I think the last time I crossed that bridge was when I used to catch public transport. It’s a rare occasion. When all you see is traffic you think, 'Nah I don’t want to go out there.' Especially when I know I need to drive out into it. Just getting onto Johnston St to get onto Hoddle St, oh my gosh, that can be… If you don’t time it well, after 4 o’clock, even five minutes to, they change the signals so you can’t turn right. So you’ve got to time it or you’ve got to go through Collingwood, through the residential areas, and then make your way down to one of the other streets. If I miss those lights, I have to go down to Victoria St. So you’ve got to make sure you time it. 

I’m one of those people who takes the back roads. I get lost a lot.