The best place - Antonio's Story


God brought me to Australia. God told me he’d take me to Australia. In 1973 I was in South America, Peru. I found a job in a ship in Rotterdam and went to Peru, across the Panama Canal.

I arrived in Sydney in 1983. I was working as a cleaner. I was the best cleaner. I moved to Melbourne in 1985. First I lived in Clayton. Then I moved to Hoddle Street.

Hoddle Street is the best place. Everybody here at the Neighbourhood House recognises me. I’ve got a lot of friends here. I set up a boxing gym. My gym became a community gym.

There’s nothing wrong with Collingwood. Good suburb. Good people, bad people, everywhere you go. I don’t drive. I never drive in my life. Now I can’t because I had a stroke. I catch the bus everywhere. This place is very good for public transport. This place is the best place. I like to live here. Sometimes I think I may move to Queensland but others say, 'Don’t go there, because they don’t like black people.' I don’t care, I have friends everywhere.