Yarra Park - Ron's Story


My experience goes back to the 1930s when, as a 7-year old, I used to attend the Yarra Park State School, which was on the corner of Punt Rd and Wellington Pde. On the other corner there was a hotel. And on the other corner was the old cable car building that housed the cable reels and so forth.

The teachers there at Yarra Park, it was Depression days, I can remember the headmaster Mr Cummings, he used to try very hard. Some of the kiddies would go to school without shoes or boots and he’d organise clothing for some of them, and try to make certain that they were all having a decent meal.

Another teacher, Mr MacDonald, had been there for years and years and knew the variation generations. And my Uncle Ross and his brother attended the school, and Mr MacDonald used to come up to me every so often, he’d say, 'How is your uncle getting in?' He’d always be interested in any information. He was the sort of teacher who’d join you at play time and have a game of marbles. My other memory is: I have a feeling in the early 30s there was only a pedestrian bridge across the Yarra, and the current bridge was only opened in the early 30s. The other person who went to Yarra Park State School was Toni Lamond. So there you go.

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East Melbourne, Yarra Park S.S. cnr Punt Road and Wellington Pde
Date(s): [Apr. 9, 1982]
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