He booked me - Noel's Story


Immediately after WW2, as a boy living in Ivanhoe, I found myself barracking for Footscray in the VFL because an aunt lived there and was mad about her Saturday afternoon footy team, most of whom were local blokes. So I saw the great Ted Whitten play his first game of VFL for Footscray at the Punt Rd Oval, as it was then called – the home ground of Richmond. It was Round 1 in 1951 – he kicked a goal with his first kick and was later knocked out by a Tiger roughie. I saw most of his next 300 games.

Many years ago, probably in the 60s, I was waiting on Punt Rd at the Toorak Rd intersection facing north and soon to climb. The lights changed to green, I moved forwards, a parked car ahead of me shot out into my lane, I swung right and found a cop car beside me almost in the right hand gutter. He booked me, I went to court and got off with a warning. I kinda enjoyed the whole experience looking back.