No action I can take - Anna's Poem

Casually I round the corner onto Hoddle st
confidently cruise by clifton hill
Im in the right hand lane and I look down the hill
my heart dips,
my stomach rises,
my skull grips
I would take the eastern freeway
all the way to ringwood,
if i could
but the left hand lane 
is a land too far,
and a hope still born,
on the bumper bar of the truck beside me
and a spangaling ribbon of cars in front,
as far as the eye can see,
past collingwood (yay)
east melbourne and richmond hill,
all the way to the MCG.
There is nothing I can do,
no action I can take,
I can only be
a speckle on the road to infinity,
and as they say:
I offer it up,
I submit, I relinquish desire
and in that moment
I am one with the traffic
and the road and the tyre. (rhymes with desire)