Sue's Story

Photo by Leonard Ledwich

Photo by Leonard Ledwich

I remember travelling by bus as a child in the 1960s to visit three of my aunts. One lived with her husband at 66 Hoddle St Abbotford, in the top story flat, from the early 1940s until her death in 1976. The building is still there today.

Two other aunts lived in the grounds of the South Yarra Presbyterian Church in Punt Rd, South Yarra. One lived in the caretakers cottage with her family and the other in the old manse which had been converted into flats. I spent many lovely hours exploring the grounds and socialising with the elderly ladies in the flats. I still have momentos of things they gave to me on my visits. The old manse is now used by the Christ Church Grammer School and I think the cottage is used for administration.

Another memory of Punt Rd is travelling with my father in his 1945 Dodge and hanging on for dear life as he pumped the brake, when negotiating the Punt Rd Hill.

The final memory I'll share, is catching the bus from Clifton Hill to meet up with my fiance, when he was working as a road roller driver in 1973. He was helping to build the new road in Hoddle St. We would sit on his roller and eat lunch together.