A Tiger born and bred - Maree's Story


I was born on Punt Road many years ago apparently in peak hour traffic! I was born 9 January 1959. Not too sure what traffic was like then, but I do know my poor father had to pull over and deliver me as they were not going to make it to the Mercy hospital in time. He then drove Mum and me to the hospital where he jumped out to get help. He was told to go away and stop making things up. Apparently some time earlier that day twins had been born before reaching hospital and so they didn't believe Dad. Fortunately the Mother Superior came to check and found a rather blue baby in the car. Suffice to say I am still here and kicking many years later and so are both my parents, Fran and Jack at 83 and 86. I forgot to say I was born outside the main gate of the old Richmond football ground and am still an avid supporter of the Tigers, through thick and thin.