A lesson to remember - Jo's Story


I delivered premature twins on 21 March 1987. When it was finally time to take the girls home, Dad, who had been flat chat rehearsing a play at the time, came to pick us up. On our return to St Kilda along Punt Road in peak hour traffic we ran out of petrol. We were able to turn off onto a side street where we parked outside the house of a very generous Greek family who invited us in and cared for us until petrol was bought for the car. Needless to say, as time was moving on, and as the girls were to be fed by a bottle which was waiting for them at home with my mum, I began  to panic. But we did finally make it home to St Kilda, from East Melbourne, where Mum was waiting with bottles in hand. For a first time mum it was a bit stressful but thank god we both have a sense of humor which got us through on the day!

Lesson to remember: never ever drive without checking petrol levels! Has never happened again in our life!