Sally-Ann's Story #2

I was making one of my many cross city journeys over to Carlton. I was stopped in traffic on Punt Rd just before Victoria Street and a man banged on my car window and seemed quite distressed. I immediately wound down the window and he started rambling about how he just had his bike and bags stolen and needed cash to get home or make a call. I didn't have change but went to look into wallet and thought I would give him $5 and he reached down and snatched a 50 or some significant amount and sprinted off down the road.

I have had similar interactions with the windscreen cleaners turning from Victoria Street into Punt Road but never had anyone actually steal a big note out of my wallet. Iโ€™ve seen those guys actually climb on someoneโ€™s boot before and yesterday the guy behind me put on his windscreen wipers to deter the bloke from washing his windows. You could make a movie just at that corner!