Our very own Russian Ark

This week we did our very own Russian Ark (sans the 200 actors, 300 years of Russian history, 33 rooms of the Hermitage Museum and 3 live orchestras) and filmed Hoddle Street/Punt Road in one continuous shot down both sides of the road. It took 22 mins from Clifton Hill to St Kilda Junction. Our arms got tired. But it was worth it.

Along the way we reminisced about all the stories we've received – your stories became our memories. 

'Look, there's Millswyn Clinic – it used to be a shelter for Polish refugees during WW2.'  

'That's Fawkner Street where Xenophon grew up.' 

'There's the phone box where Paul was assaulted.'

'Mandy's bedroom must have been right there on the edge of Wesley College.'

'Is that the intersection where the danger sign fell into the street?'

'This is where Anna jumped out of her car to help the pedestrian who was fitting.'

'The Punt Road Angel must've lived in one of those apartments...'

'Punt Hill – here we come!'

On and on we went. It was a glorious trip down our contributors' memory lanes. In the truest sense of the phrase – thanks for the memories!