Kathy and Xenophon

Kathy and Xenophon had a squillion wonderful stories to share with us about growing up on and around Punt Road. 

Kathy grew up at the Hoddle Street, Clifton Hill, end and remembers her grandfather walking up and down Hoddle with a small fruit and veg cart, selling his wares. 

Xenophon grew up near Fawkner Park in South Yarra, when that was still a working class area, with large families of newly arrived Greek migrants squeezing into a single room in a sharehouse. He remembers rowdy games of Aussie Rules at the MCG followed by scary trips home on a bus packed with drunk punters. 

He remembers catching that same bus in the opposite direction to Elwood Beach.  His neighbours, all Greek migrants, would travel en masse, carrying food and drinks for a whole day at the beach. They were excited, loud, boisterous. He remembers the Anglo passengers grunting and sneering at them, offended by their 'foreign ways'.