Tracey's Story

For four years I lived in St Kilda and went out to Uni in Bundoora. I drove an enormous HQ Holden Monaro and petrol was $20 a tank which was a lot in the late 80s if you were a student. There was no public transport out as far as the Uni then which was even further out than Latrobe so Punt Road was the main link. Sure, you tried a few other combinations and back roads over the years but Punt Road was always the fall back option. So peak hour, HQ holden and me. Of course it breaks down. So my memories of Punt Road are always tinged with guilt as I sit in my car which is too heavy to push solo, blocking traffic, shrinking under my steering wheel and waiting for the RACV to rescue me. Ahh Punt Road, you make me like a Catholic.