Cresting the Punt Road Hill!

We're getting some corker stories about the perils of trying to crest Punt Road Hill. Seems this infamous incline has long been the site of much stalling, and many breakdowns and tears. Not to mention a few empty petrol tanks...

We've heard a story from the early 1900s about a man driving a horse-drawn vehicle with a heavy load up the hill and mercilessly whipping his struggling horse. Witnessing this,  an outspoken, horse-loving woman loudly scolds him for his cruelty, mortifying her son.

We've heard of a 1930s Morris failing to crest twice. When a helpful pedestrian offers to hold back the traffic at the Alexandra Avenue intersection (in the days before traffic lights), the Morris driver travels back up Punt Road a couple of hundred metres, guns the little engine and flies through the intersection, finally making it over the hill.

And we've heard from the driver of a VW 1500 Notchback which, in the 1970s, was struggling to get up the hill in the wee hours of the night with too many passengers. When the driver is told that reverse is the strongest gear he turns the car around and crests the hill backwards!