Punt Road's Longest Resident featured in The Age

One of our wonderful contributors, and one of Punt Road's longest residents (possibly THE longest resident), Len Ledwich has been featured in The Age. Read all about his impressive 64 years on Punt Road here! The longer version, in Len's own words, can be found here.



The Age interview of Len Ledwich - 6 September 2015

The Age interview of Len Ledwich - 6 September 2015

The view from Len's front garden. Photo courtesy of Len Ledwich.

The view from Len's front garden. Photo courtesy of Len Ledwich.

Punt Road Project on the Radio - 'Multi-Storied' on Triple RRR - 102.7

women on radio

Thank you Louise and Elizabeth for having us on 'Multi-Storied' on Wednesday, 13th May. 

We had a ball talking about The Punt Road Project and reading some of our contributors' stories out loud to the Triple RRR audience.

For those who'd like to take a listen, here's the link - we speak mainly between 36.28 - 48.20 minute mark - with stories peppered throughout the remainder of the show.


Story Time!

Good news, Punters! As of next week, we'll start posting your Punt Road stories right here on our website. So, over the coming weeks, you'll be able to see your own story AND enjoy all the other gems from our Punt Road Project community of storytellers. Stay tuned...

In the meantime, we're gearing up for the next stage of Punt Road Project development so, please, keep those stories coming!

City of Yarra Lovin'

The team are delighted to announce that The Punt Road Project will begin its next phase of development in early 2015, thanks to the generous support of the City of Yarra. 

And so we’re on the prowl for more Punt Road stories – be they delicious, delightful, dreadful or depraved! Drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, residents, businesses and stakeholders – join our wonderful collection of storytellers and contribute your tales, anecdotes, memories, images and aural artefacts of life on and around this iconic road. 

You can do so via our Tell page, via email traffic@puntroadproject.com and you can follow the conversation via Twitter and Instagram and #puntroadproject. 

Following the opportunity to instigate The Punt Road Project through the 2014 City of Yarra Performance Investigations program, we are thrilled to be recipients of a City of Yarra 2015 Annual Grant which will enable us to explore exhibiting and performance options in 2015. 

Thank you City of Yarra!

Forum Fun

Saturday's Forum was a lot of fun! It was great to hear about the other three Performance Investigations and to chat about The Punt Road Project. We were treated to more community stories, including one from an actress who avoided a speeding ticket on Punt Road by singing a song from Madame Butterfly to the police officers.

And we were delighted to have contributor Len in attendance. He received a hearty round of applause from the audience when they found out he'd lived on Punt Road for 63 years! 

One day we'll share with you Len's very clever way of parking his car in that skinny, gated driveway without holding up the Punt Road traffic.

Where To From Here?

Today is the last day of our residency and we are weeping on the inside. But we're also very excited about the next stage of development for the Punt Road Project...

First up, we'll be chatting about the project at a forum hosted by the Yarra City Council. We'd love to see you there!

Yarra City Council invites you to a free forum to discuss the ethics of storytelling, different ways of working with communities and how it feels when your own story is about to take to the stage. Facilitated by Arts House Creative Producer Angharad Wynne-Jones the forum will feature all the artists who are involved in Performance Investigations, some of their cast and community collaborators and short demonstrations of their work.

Community Theatre Making and the Community

When: Saturday 14 June 3pm – 5pm

Where: Richmond Theatrette, Level 1 / 415 Church Street, Richmond

Big thanks to the Yarra City Council and their Performance Investigations for supporting the Punt Road Project. 

Our very own Russian Ark

This week we did our very own Russian Ark (sans the 200 actors, 300 years of Russian history, 33 rooms of the Hermitage Museum and 3 live orchestras) and filmed Hoddle Street/Punt Road in one continuous shot down both sides of the road. It took 22 mins from Clifton Hill to St Kilda Junction. Our arms got tired. But it was worth it.

Along the way we reminisced about all the stories we've received – your stories became our memories. 

'Look, there's Millswyn Clinic – it used to be a shelter for Polish refugees during WW2.'  

'That's Fawkner Street where Xenophon grew up.' 

'There's the phone box where Paul was assaulted.'

'Mandy's bedroom must have been right there on the edge of Wesley College.'

'Is that the intersection where the danger sign fell into the street?'

'This is where Anna jumped out of her car to help the pedestrian who was fitting.'

'The Punt Road Angel must've lived in one of those apartments...'

'Punt Hill – here we come!'

On and on we went. It was a glorious trip down our contributors' memory lanes. In the truest sense of the phrase – thanks for the memories!

Three Pieces of Advice

We love this joke from Fysh's dad.

An old man lies dying in bed. He beckons his son to his side,  grasps his hand and whispers into his ear...

'Three pieces of advice, son.'

'Yes, Dad. I'm listening.'

'Never lend money to a friend.'

'Yes, Dad. Never lend money to a friend.'

'Never borrow money from a friend.'

'Yes, Dad. Never borrow money from a friend. Got it. And the third thing, Dad?'

'Don't use Punt Road.'